Saturday, March 20, 2010

So here we are...

Ok so after spending entirely too much time "updating" my life in other arenas, I decided that I needed to centralize!  I love the interenet to keep in touch with friends and family, but having too many place to deal with has become here we are at blogspot.  Nothing exciting, just a way to keep famliy and friends update on our little place in the world.

So to get you started...some excitement...hehe.  This is how I spend my weekends.  I try my darndest to teach my incredibly smart dog things that will be of use to me :).  So you have to have a little background history....

I make Monaco home-made doggy ice cream.  After she finished eating, she always brings me the empty cup...probably asking for more....but none the less, I always have to get up from what I am doing to throw her trash away.  So here you will see her throwing her own trash away :0).  Well, just so you know, she was every fiesty this particular day and so you will see her throw the trash at me, throw it at the trash can, and try to "kill" it before she finally puts it nicely in the trash can. :0) (She looks rough becuase she just had a bath and was getting brushed out...and all the different trash in the floor was from us trying to get her to throw away different things :0)

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