Friday, July 20, 2012

Gift Updates

You may remember our homemade Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.  I didn’t ship them to Orlando because they were fragile and heavy, so we took them with us on our vacation. 

Joe and I hung momma’s pet prints while she was at work.  She was so excited to see them on the wall when she got home.

gift update 1 gift update 2

I left the men to do the heavy lifting of getting the airplane up on the wall.  Joe’s OCD really came in handy for this job. :0)  I think the B-17 looks great in dad’s WWII room!

gift update 3 gift update 4

I am so glad they are finally getting to enjoy their Mother’s and Father’s day gifts! :0)


  1. I want to do the plane one for Frank - but of a race car. Where were those directions?

    1. Joe made this was more difficult than I thought it would be. Here are the directions :)

      good luck!