Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Footboard Blanket Chest ~ lots of pictures!

A few weeks ago we bought our first table saw, and since then Hubs has really been putting it to work.  I was in desperate need of somewhere to put all my blankets and pillows, so Hubs drew up some plans for a footboard chest for me.


I am always impressed with how he just comes up with this stuff off the top of his head.  We took our weekly trip to our favorite home improvement store and gathered all of our supplies.  We used every saw we owned during this project!


We started by cutting the sides, top, and bottom out of the 4 x 8 sheets of plywood.


Then we added the legs to sturdy things up a little.  I love using the air nail gun!


Next, Hubs worked on cutting the trim/molding pieces for the look he wanted.


It is starting to come together now….although I thought it looked more like a coffin than a chest.


Of course Miss Brown Dog had to help carry the wood pieces to the scrap pile for us.  She loves to carry anything!!


Willow was so funny about the nail gun.  She would put her nose right up to it to see what was going on.  She has no fear!  (Harley was hiding on the whole other side of the back yard!)


While Hubs was putting the finishing touches on the design of the chest, I headed inside to cover the seat cushions….of course I couldn’t do it without a little help from The Boss Man.


Really!?  I need you to get off the batting so I can measure and cut it!!


Well, moving to the side is better than nothing. Smile  I used the boards Hubs had cut for me to trace out the amount of foam batting needed for each cushion.


It was a booger to cut because It was 2 inches thick, but well worth it when I was done!


Once my two pieces were cut, I took a little break to play with The Boss Man.  I just love that he is 8 years old and still loves to play and has such a sweet little kitten face!  I play with him any chance I can get.


Now that he is tuckered out, I can finish what I was doing.  I cut my fabric to be 2 inches longer than the foam on each side.


Finally, with Hubs Help, we stretched and pulled the fabric around the edges and stapled it to the plywood piece that Hubs had pre-cut.


All that’s left is the finishing touches!  We used a piano hinge across the back length of the chest.


I tested my cushions to make sure they fit….perfect!


Hubs added some little details to the front legs.


It works!!


Hubs added some extra support hinges to the insides to help hold the (very heavy) top up when you are trying to put things in the chest.


We started by trying to stain the inside blocks of the chest, but ended up not liking the look and just painted the entire thing black (which matches our master bedroom furniture).  I am so glad we did because I love the final look!


Hubs found these beautiful pieces of hardware at the local antique fair to add an extra special touch to the finished piece.


I am in love with this piece, and even more impressed with my Hubs’ skills.  He completed this project in a weekend!

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