Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Has Sprung and Easter is Here...

Ok - so if this doesn't explain how much I need children, nothing will :0)

I have talked so bad about my dog for years,but really I do love her a lot!  She has taught me how to be a better dog owner and she is the smartest dog I have ever had or even known.  She knows when something exciting is going on and she wants to make sure that she is a part of everything!

A second thought is that I have become quite the fan of making hand-made holiday cards.  I love to insert a picture for friends or family with each card.  I needed a picture for my easter card, so I used my best model. 

Hehe!  It is not photoshoped!  She actually wore that flower hat around for like 20 minutes (it probably helped that I had her favorite treats in my hand ).  And before you say I am puppy abusing her....look at how happy she looks!!  She is so funny!

And since she was so good for me to take her picture, I let her have her easter basket early...

Monaco's Basket

Enzo and Lotus' basket

I promise that I am not crazy!  Do I need some children to spoil? Yes, but until then my fur-babies will have to do.  And they actually know what is going on!  Watch Monaco open Easter Eggs with perfect ease and watch Enzo bust up his Easter bag like he knows how this works....and then Lotus even says "thank you"!

Anyways - I just love my babies and I will miss them while we are in florida....hopefully I can udate the bnlog while we are there so you can all see how much fun we are having! :0)

Happy Easter!!

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