Saturday, April 10, 2010

A weekend visitor

This weekend we have a friendly weekend visitor.  A friend of ours has a state-wide competition and we volunteered to puppy-sit.  So here he is, this is Sully:

Cute huh?  He is super cute!  He is very smart and very loving...and FULL of non-stop energy! :0)  Monaco is showing her age and just won't put up with him, so they can't play together.  Maybe as he gets older and calms down a little, he and Monaco will become friends.  He plays and plays and plays.  We played ball in the front yard and he was great at it.  He listens well and even sits and lays down when you ask him to.  He wants to play with Lotus but of course she is having none of that.  He exudes energy and is kind of like an ADHD child who really wants to behave but just can't control their body...yep, he is just like that.

I just have to say:  People always said that babysitting wild kids was the perfect birth control...they are right.  And puppy-sitting a border collie mix is the perfect "buy a new puppy" control. :0)


  1. OMG...he is soooo cute! i bet he is a fun little booger. im use to lots of energy spaz cuz ginger is that way. when is his owners coming to get him?

  2. Sully went home today. He was so much fun but I know that we are definatley not going to be getting a puppy anytime soon...they are a LOT of work!