Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do it DRIFT Style!

This weekend, Road Atlanta hoasted Drift Atlanta!  I had never been to a drift race, so I called in my connections and got a couple of tickets.  Joe and I went to the track as soon as we got off work on Friday.

It was so beautiful outside!  We set up my 300mm lens for the perfect pictures by the drift course, in the shakane (sp?) before turn 11.  I was so excited to experience my first Drift race, Joe was not as excited.  He had spent all day outside at Field Day at his school and he was not looking forward to 5 more hours of sitting outside with me.  As the race began we quickly started into our ongoing Camaro vs. Challenger debate. 

Of course I pull for the Camaro, because who in their right mind would say the Challenger is better!?  (Sorry honey...I am not giving in!)  Anyway, as we watched ONE car at a time come down the track, I am sad to say that I was not enthused.  This is not what I call racing.  The drivers are incredible, I will give them that, but I don't understand the point system at all.  Apparently they get points for speed, style, and a bunch of other stuff.  The only part I understood was that they got a ZERO if they spun out. 

Of course, Joe ended up loving it!  I think you really have to understand the different types of cars and motors to truly appreciate the sport.  Joe of course was rambling on about how awesome that driver was to handle that particular car with that particular motor.   It all sounds like "wha wha wha" to me.  Sooooo....I offered my ticket to someone I thought would appreciate it all with Joe. 

I met Adam, Joe's brother, at the local Golden Pantry...passed off my tickets, parking pass, and shcedule.  The boys didn't come home until about 10:00, so I guess they were really enjoying it.  They said the tandum drift racing was so much more of a thrill than the single car qualifying that I was watching.  Maybe I will try again next year :0).

Of course I also brought my flipcam.  Have I mentioned how much I love that thing?!?  Here are a couple of clips from the Drift Qualifying.

Now here is the clip of the Camaro....

And here is the clip of the Challenger....Just admit know the Camaro was way better!

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