Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simple Sunday

What an amazing day!  We slept in and then got to enjoy the pretty weather and some yummy cooking today!

We started by having an E-mealz breakfast.  First, you have your hubby cook up some turkey sausage and fried eggs while you toast come plain bagels.

Then you put a fried egg on each bagel (I like the yolk broken in my egg so it isn't runny) and then cover the egg with cheddar cheese and put in the oven under broil until cheese melts.

While we were cooking, the girls got to sit outside and enjoy the amazing weather.  I mean really, 70 degrees on February 5th...whats that all about?!?

After a yummy breakfast we went to Meme's house to help Eric with a science project.  Joe helped with the 3 laws of something another, and Vickie, Cody, and I went shopping.  We went to Sams for dog bones (since they are MUCH cheaper there) and I couldn't resist buying these dog toys.  Roadkill skunk and roadkill possum!!

Of course my rotten girls loved them, but really the possum was their favorite.  They tried to share, but Willow is still bigger  (not by much) and she is still the boss.

While the babies played and Joe worked on the 50, I baked...because you know I LOVE to bake!  First I started with the Honey Bun Cake.

Just a few ingredients and really simple to make.  Basically you just put yellow cake mix with cinnamon and brown sugar layers.  It was the homemade glaze that really tops it off.  I was excited about the homemade glaze because I am finally perfecting it!

After you bake this bad boy, it it like heaven on earth (at least I thought that until I tasted the cupcakes - see below).  When you take a bite it just melts in your mouth.  Joe even said, "Don't share that with anyone!". :)

To finish off my day I made some cupcakes that I have been dying to try!  Andes Mint Chocolate Cupcakes!!  YUM!!  Now this is really Heaven!  It took a lot more supplies than usual, but it was totally worth it!

I had to occupy my sweet girls while I cooked, so they chilled out in the living room and shared some bones.  Aren't they the sweetest!?!

OK - back to the cupcakes.  This was the first time I tried a cupcake with a filling.  I am surprised how easy it was since I had scared myself a little about it.  These particular cupcakes are filled with a chocolate mint filling.

I even got to try out my new frosting tip, and I think they turned out beautiful.  The taste test got two thumbs up.  This recipe will definitely go on my "Make Again" list!

Here are the recipies for the Andes Mint Cupcakes on the Your Cup of Cake Blog (I followed it exactly) and the Honey Bun Cake at the Eat Cake For Dinner Blog (I put 4 Tablespoons of milk in the frosting instead of two).

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  1. You need to come bring me and Avery some of those yummy looking desserts lol