Monday, April 2, 2012

Meals for Bestie

This weekend I had such a great time making meals for my bestie, Jamie.  My beautiful sister-in-law Jill and my amazingly sweet friend Hayli came over to the house on Sunday and helped me cook meals for the Lind family.  We made them a hot meal, yummy dessert, and 5 frozen meals (of their choice) to last them a while, and to use when they need them the most.  It was such a great time spending a few hours with my amazing sister-in-law, who I don't get to spend enough time with.  It was nice to have girl time, but even nicer to see how amazing my sweet Jamie is doing.  She is a million times better than she was when I saw her last Monday.  We got to spend some time with Jamie when we delivered her meals and it was great to see how fast she is getting back to herself.  I even got a little baby love from Miss Avery too (which always makes your day a little brighter :0).

Here is my meal plan, with all the recipes and an attached grocery list. Feel free to use it if you ever need to make meals for friends (our yourself) :0).  You can easily print this excel document from Google Docs (here).

 We also made recipe cards that included all the ingredients in each meal, the expiration date,  and how to cook the frozen meals.  We attached these recipes on the top of each frozen meal.  We used the HP free recipe card templates and printed them at home.

The best part is that we used Glad OvenWare.  I love using these when delivering frozen meals to friends because it has lids to help with freezing, it can go straight from the freezer to the oven, and they can throw away the pans when they are done (no dishes - how nice!)
Oh one final amazing plus to this meal makes TWO of each frozen meal!  So I came out of the whole thing with 5 frozen meals for my freezer too!  Now Joe and I have some meals already made for when we get home from vacation!  Hooray!


  1. Yall are so awesome!!! Let me just tell ya, weve had the cheesy chkn lasagna(to die for), also colorful chicken really good and of course we had a couple cupcakes tonight! I am so blessed to have you ladies as my besties! Love yall

    1. I am so glad it turned out ok. I hadn't had any of those meals before (except for the chicken cheesy lasagna), but they looked really good while we were cooking them :) And those cupcakes are amazing aren't they!? I am so glad yall are using them and enjoying them! Love yall!