Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Project Rule

Yesterday Joe and I joined some dear friends of ours at the Braselton Antique & Gardening Festival.  We came home with a couple of good finds that were already on the list...we managed to walk away without any impulse buys. :)  Stay tuned to see how we use our finds to add our own personal touches to our home.

And the most exciting part for Joe was that he got a super great deal on the Japanese Maple tree he has been drooling over for years!  I am so happy he finally got one!  If you know my Joe, you know that he will NEVER spend a penny on himself.  He always talks himself out of things, so I am so glad he got his little sapling and I am sure he will baby it into a beautiful tree.

Of course this got me all excited to start a few more projects!  Joe was quick to remind me of our One Project Rule that we agreed on when we moved into the house.  At the other house we always had a million un-finished projects going on at one time and it would drive me crazy!  We even left some of those un-finished projects to the new renters because we never could get them complete.  So in the new house, it is only ONE major project going on at a time (all my little ones don't count :).

The one project we have already committed to is the pantry make-over.  Our pantry is a pretty big focal point in the kitchen and it is SOOOO boring!  We are going to work this summer to give it a little touch of our own personal style (which I have begun to call Antique Chic :).

Stay tuned throughout the summer for pantry re-model updates!

I also have been seeing so many blogs about beautiful outdoor spaces, so two more projects I have added to the list (but we won't start until the pantry is done :) Are the front porch and the front flower bed. 

I bought this house for three reasons: the shop, the huge fenced in back-yard, and the FRONT PORCH!!  I absolutely LOVE my front porch and it is even better with the beautiful University of GA rockers that momma and daddy got us for a house warming gift, but I am determined to make it have more style.  ** Please ignore the pollen I haven't washed off yet...arg!**

And the other biggy on the to-do list is a space that urks me every time I pull in the drive way.  This front flower bed drives me nuts because it is just some random bushes placed in no particular order.  It makes no sense to me! Thank goodness this is a pretty easy fix to make it look beautiful to match the rest of the house.  I don't actually have a plan for this space yet....still mulling it over....but hopefully you will see some major improvements here soon!

One final, off-topic, note:  Our BackYard Turkey Buzzards (which we all despise, but can't seem to get rid of) have gotten really brazen lately....anyone have a paintball gun we can borrow!?  You can see poor Harley looking at me like, "Please save me!"


  1. Frank sells Airsoft guns at the store now - try one of those for the buzzards! Also, I have lots of ideas for the front yard! Can't wait to see your projects! Love you!

    1. We MUST talk about the front yard...I am at a total loss...mostly because the space is kind of big and I want to make sure I pick the right plants to always have greenery, but to also have some color....