Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Nice Little Addition

Well, our hunt for the perfect little side table left us empty-handed.  Finally we gave in and decided to just make out own table.  We ran to Lowes and picked up some supplies and got right to work.

I traced a design onto the top of the table that I thought would compliment our little chair and I filled it in with black paint.


After I finished the top design, Hubs put together the pieces of the table.


We stained the top of the table right over the black painted design.  I thought was that this would make the painted design appear much more subtle.


After the stain dried, we applied a coat of polyurethane.  Hubs applied multiple coats and wet-sanded between each coat to get the desired thickness and smoothness of the surface.


I love the subtle look of the design and think this little table complements our up-cycled chair pretty well.  I do think it is a little tall, but actually is perfect height for us when we are sitting in the chair.  It will do for now. :0)




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