Friday, April 27, 2012

Pawsitivley Mommy's Girls

I have been having fun with the pups the past couple of days.  First, since the weather is getting hotter, it is definatley time to break out the Frosty Paws. Willow knows all about some Frosty Paws, but this was Harley's first experience.  She took to eating frosty paws like a fish to water :)

Willow says, "Let me show you how to do it."

Harley says, "Mmm, this stuff is good!"

"Keep your paws off my Frosty Paws!"

"Ahhh, bliss!"

"Uh Oh - now what do I do??"

Then last night while I was crafting (stay tuned for another post about that this weekend :) the pups had to hang out in the basement.  I looked over the craft table and saw two of my favorite things so I just had to snap a picture....Harley and Books!

And today, just to make their Daddy cringe a little, I bought the pinkest bandanas I could find for my girls.  Don't they look so beautiful!? (sorry the lighting is so bad - it was starting to get dark, but I couldn't wait to get those pink bandanas on them :)

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