Thursday, March 15, 2012

Be in the Moment

I apologize for missing a couple weeks...I have a LOT to post about!  For right now I am going to just post what has been on my mind so much this week, but I will be posting a few more posts over the weekend about all my little projects :0).

So I was blindsided by some very serious news last Friday that has made me really think about my life.  My best friend in the world found out that she has a brain tumor.  A brain tumor...yes, that is what I said.  She is one of the sweetest most amazing people on the planet and she has a perfect little family including her beautiful 5 month old daughter.  Jamie has never been anything but a good christian woman and a sacrificing friend.  I could go on for days about stories of things Jamie has done for me over the years that showed her unconditional love.  One that really sticks out to me is the time when I called Jamie at 1:30 in the morning, crying and broken hearted over the choice to have my dog put down.  I didn't want my dog to go through this alone, but I didn't have the heart to be there with her.  Jamie, being the amazing friend that she is, didn't even hesitate to get in the car, drive the 30 minutes to my house, and then the other 20 minutes to the vet, just to be with Senna when they put her down....just to give me some comfort in the moment...did I mention this was at 1:30 in the morning?!  Isn't she amazing!? 

I know I could call Jamie at any moment, even right now with brain surgery on her calendar less than a week away, I know Jamie would bring me soup for a cold if I asked.  She would doctor me, love on me, and pray for me and my little cold, putting her own worries to the way side. 

I am broken hearted that Jamie is going through this right now, and I am on my knees morning and night praying for God to ease her worries and heal her.  I would take the tumor on myself right now if I could take it away from her.  She hasn't lost her faith and she has remained so strong through all of this.  She is such an amazing woman and I look up to her for being such the amazing person that she is.  I hope that one day I could give her back even one tenth of what she has given to others in her life.  I love you Jamie!!!

With all that being said, I went to the dentist today and found out I have to have a LOT of work done, starting with a root canal.  This work is going to put us in a financial bind for a while and I started to worry about the pain I may go through with my root canal.  But in that moment while I was worried for myself, I felt a whisper that told me to be in the moment...think about what you are really saying here...Jamie is about to have brain surgery....this is nothing! 

Jamie's situation has helped me to reflect on my faith, my lifestyle, and my attitude.  I want to live in the moment, be the best christian I can be, and live a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude.  I am not thinking I am about to change my life upside down in a day, but I hope that as time goes on you will see more posts on here about a healthy lifestyle and less about cupcakes. :) 


  1. That was absolutely positively the most beautiful and true thing I have ever heard. Jamie is the sweetest, caring, and best christian I have ever known. When my mom was in the hospital in surgery, I called Jamie to let her know because my mom thought the world of Jamie and Jamie loved my mom, she came up to the hospital as soon as she could to be with me and my mom. My mom passed away on Dec. 31, 2008 and Jamie and Steven were there at visitation and the funeral. Jamie is an unconditional friend and I also wish that I could have the brain tumor instead of her. She's going through such a hard time but like you said she keeps her faith. I pray for Jamie every day and night and I know that our precious heavenly father is looking over her and he will continue looking over her and he will protect her. I LOVE YOU JAMIE GARNER LIND

  2. I love you so much! God brings certain people into others lifes and I am so glad he brought us together. I remember the days of sleepovers, grease and chips cheese and salsa! I never hesitated to come help you at 1:30am with Senna because I love you like a sister and I loved Senna also and being a mommy of doggies I knew just what you were going through. And please dont feel like your problems are any less important just because of what I am going through. Each person has problems that are their own and are important! I love you!

    1. See - you are so amazing! :0) I can't wait to come spend some time with you over the next couple weeks and I even have a nostalgic little surprise for you when you get home. :0)