Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cheap Sweetness ~ 35 Reasons Why…

Let me tell you a secret about my hubs….he hates chocolate!  I know, weird huh?  Well, he does make one exception…he loves Twix Bars!  So with Halloween season going on I grabbed up a bag of the mini Twix Bars and put a little plan in motion to let the Hubs know how much I love him.

love 2

I dumped out the bag of candy, counted the bars (36), ate one, subtracted one from my total (35), and then pulled out the computer.  I used a label template to make sure my sayings were all the same size (OCD much?) and would fit on the mini Twix bars when I cut them out.  I typed out 35 reasons why I love my Hubs, some sweet, some funny, and some very serious.  I printed, cut out, and taped one reason to each Twix Bar and filled up the container next to his side of the bed (I knew I would find a use for that container!).  He was super surprised to find his box of love, and enjoyed having one little treat (sometimes a few more than one) each night and reading the reasons why I love him so much!

love 1

$ Cost of Cheap Sweetness = $2.99 for the bag of Twix, I already had the paper, tape, and box!

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