Monday, May 21, 2012

Window Pane Picture Winner (for now)

Well the votes were very split on the choice of what to do with my window pane. The final choice is to put 5 pictures in the panes and a monogram in the top middle pane. Joe really liked the idea of one large picture, but I just couldn't decide on that ONE picture to put in there. I can always print a large picture and try it in there at a later date.

Here are the images I chose, and below is how I imagine it will look when it's all finished and displayed on the wall.

I used to give the pictures an "old picture" effect so that there is a slight amount of color, but not a lot. I love it!

Of course this is just a Photoshoped look into the future. I will update you all when it is really finished and hanging. :0)

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