Friday, May 18, 2012

Christmas in Summer List

I had such good intentions last year...

When we moved into the new house in October, I wanted to hand-make all my Christmas decorations for that first Christmas. The only thing I managed to get finished (or even started for that matter) was my coffee filter wreath. Which I love!!

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture.

This summer I actually have a plan in place. Maybe if I share it here, with the world, I will get some of it checked off the list. My goal is to have all these projects finished by the time I start back to school (we'll see right?) because the family will be up here for Christmas this year and I want the house to look perfect!

So here is the list in order of importance... What do you think?? Can I do it??

1. Burlap Wreath for the Front Door

Pinned Image

2. Tree Skirt

Pinned Image

3. Burlap Stockings (5 - JC, CC, WC, HC, & EC - yes I have stockings for my pets)

Pinned Image

4. And since I don't want everything to be burlap...White Button Ornaments (like this but all white buttons) and Brown Button Ornaments.

Pinned Image

5. Two Pinecone Hangings

6. Six Wrag Wreaths for Hallway Doors

Pinned Image

7. Two Burlap Pillows

Pinned Image

8. Four Snowman Posts

Pinned Image

9. Last Year's Tree Ornament (thank goodness I saved a piece of last year's tree)

Pinned Image

10. Kitchen Door Wreath

Pinned Image

I actually have a few more things I would love to make, but these are my top ten. Hopefully I can get them done this summer!!

** All these pictures are just examples of ideas, the final product will be an original :0)

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  1. I love love love your ideas! I actually searched while Avery was asleep one day on pinterest and sent a TON of emails to myself with the pics of what I wanted to make. If I can at least get one or two things done for Christmas I will be excited! I really love the stocking idea! I would love to copy that for us until Avery is old enough to help make her own unique one of course lol. I know Im pretty crazy for searching for Christmas stuff in May but Christmas is my Thing...Im just in love with Christmas;) And of course it will be fun to hang with you and Avery Maddison!