Friday, May 11, 2012

It's the Little Things

It's the little things that make all the difference.  I came home from work and worked my way through the motions of my regular routine...let the dogs out, give the dogs water, give the cat a treat, bring in my bags from the car, get the mail...

Well when I went to get the mail, expecting bills as usual, I found such a sweet surprise!

I actually smiled as I opened this sweet hand-written thank-you card from my best friend.  She just wanted to let Joe and I know how special we are to her family.  It is amazing how just something so simple as a hand-written note can make your day so much brighter. 

This sweet note has gotten me in the mood to pay it forward.  I think in the next couple of weeks it will be my goal to send out some personal notes to some special people in my life.

Thank you Jamie for reminding me of the little things, and how special our friends are to us.  Love you!

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  1. I love you both! Every single one of yall went to so much trouble when I had my surgery to make those meals and boy did they help! Weve known each other almost 16 years and it means so much to me that your in my life still and always will be! I love the thought of growing old with my friends and our kids growing up together;) thanks again love yall