Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bugs Bugs Go Away!

You know summer is here when the bees start buzzing, the wasps start floating around, and the flies (from the cow pasture that backs up to our house) try to make their way into your conversation. We seem to have a big issue with wasps around our house and I had seen different versions of this "Wasp Catcher" on Pinterest, so I figured I would give it a try.
You will need: An empty and clean two-liter bottle, water, sugar, tape, scissors
First you will need to cut the top off of your bottle.

Flip your top part upside down and fit it into the bottom part of the bottle.

Put tape around the edge of the bottle to secure it. I used painters tape because that is what I had within reach.

Pour about a cup and half of a sugar/water mixture into your container. I added the food coloring just for the purpose of letting you guys see what I was doing - it is not necessary.

I also sprayed the top inside of the container with cooking spray to make it slick. Find a place to hide your contraption. I suggest putting it far away from where you might be sitting or hanging out - the object is to get the bugs AWAY from you.

Basically the bugs are attracted to the sugar, then when they get in the container they can't get out and they drown. I know it sounds evil, but it is evil of them to sting, tear up our wood, and invade our home. Sorry buggies! Once it is full you just throw it away and make another.
Update: I haven't caught any bugs yet because it rained for 3 days after I put the bug catcher out. If I catch anything I will let you know how it works :0)

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  1. Of they had one of these death traps for spiders, I'd be set!