Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Post – Yard Advice Please

Today my sweet hubby is here to do his first guest post! :0)  Be kind to him because he has a few more guest posts planned this summer for some pretty amazing projects he is working on and I want him to come back :0)!!  Without further ado….”

After a year of our house being vacant, before we bought it, the yard needed a little work.  Early this spring I threw out some pre emergent/weed killer.  It actually did a great job.  I cut the bermuda grass real short the first couple of cuts, then decided to raise the height of the push-mower.  Of course we are always in a drought, and are severely lacking in H2O. 
The grass still remained crunchy and bare in spots, so my wifey agreed to let me buy some weed and feed.  I chose to go with Scott’s weed and feed turfbuilder.  Of course I followed the directions.  This stuff really promoted growth and made the grass a really thick, luscious, deep green.  However, it boosted the crabgrass on the other side also.  It wasn’t much of a weed killer.  The lime was the cheapest investment in the yard, about three dollars, and also seemed to help with color.  Yard1
Don’t let her know, but my wife gets mad when I talk about the lines in the yard!!! It is all about the lines!!!! I alternate every other week which direction or pattern to cut the grass, this keeps the grass from “leaning” or becoming accustomed to that direction.
The only problem I have are a few spots I think “burned” due to the Nitrogen in the weed and feed.  Or it could have been Willow pee??:O  Any advice on how to fix these spots? Time will tell…

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  1. I think you have done an Awesome job on the yard! It is all about the lines lol sorry Court;) If we ever get time Im going to have to get Stevo to get some of that lime and some weed killer because our yard looks horrible. I cant be too hard on him though because he has been getting up at 3:15 am and going to work. I wish I knew what would get rid of those spots too...I think it is our fur babies pee lol. Keep up the good work Joe Moe. You and Court are getting that place looking great...Court on the inside and you on the yard work!