Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Sweet Girls

So even though I want to try my best to stick to DIY, home improvement, and recipes, I do love my puppies and I do write this blog for my family and friends so I have to pop in with a doggy post every now and then.


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Here is a short history on my past with dog ownership.  I rescued my last two dogs (a German shepherd, and a lab mix) and they both had issues of their own.  They fought (bad!) and one was aggressive while the other was overly nervous.  One ended up having seizures (which caused me TONS of stress) and one ended up having to be put down because of her aggressiveness (one of the darkest days and hardest decisions of our lives!)

My husband and I both LOVE dogs.  Yes, they can cause a little stress now and then, especially for someone who is so OCD about the house being clean and orderly, but the joy and unconditional love they bring me is what makes it so I wouldn’t trade them for a million bucks!

60371_1617036951604_1406762965_1572265_3049362_nJoe and I at Horizon Labrador Farms with a 1 week old Willow.

317055_2592699462557_1406762965_2857930_407130734_n Joe and I with a 7 week old Harley.

So when some very unfortunate events left us dog-less the summer before last, we began researching and looking for the perfect pup.  I had always wanted a chocolate lab and after tons of research it turned out that a lab would fit our family perfectly.  Then this past fall we took in a lab-Australian shepherd mix that we are madly in love with.

sweet girls
The pups with my sweet 4 year old nephew.

Harley and her new friend, boxer-mastiff mix puppy, Tux.

Willow and her new friend, Doberman Pincher,  Destiny.

I just had to add this one of Destiny and Willow because I think it looks like they are singing and I love it! :0)

The best part about these two pups is that I can take them anywhere! (which I couldn’t do with my other two)  They are wonderful with people, love everyone (especially children), and even get along with other dogs. 

It is so nice to have good, sweet dogs!!

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