Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Opinion Please...

Remember this beautiful old window I bought at the antique fair a couple weekends ago?

I need your advice on which project I should do with it.  I am going to hang it in my front entryway and I really love both of these ideas.  Which one do you like??

If I use this one, I will use a picture from our wedding day.

 If I use this one, I will definitely do the monogram and I will have to decide on using parents and grandparent's wedding pictures or mine and Joe's wedding pictures.

What are your thoughts?  Please leave me a comment and help me out!


  1. I like both of them...thats a tough one! BUT if i have to choose I say the first one with the one picture from your wedding day! THEN once you have a baby you could do some other cute crafty picture thingy (LOL) that has pictures of both your parents and grandparents weddings leading to your wedding and how that led to this next love of your life(the baby:) with his or her picture!

  2. I like the second one because you can highlight more. :-) Good luck friend!