Thursday, May 24, 2012

Herb Garden Update

Back in March I made this Window Herb Garden that I saw on Pinterest.  I was absolutely  in LOVE with it when we hung it, and many of you left me some sweet compliments about how much you loved it too.


Well, I wanted to give you some updates on how it is going before you go creating one of your own.

Here is a recent picture of my window herb garden (2 months after hanging it).


So let me tell you what I have learned. :0) 

1.  DON’T choose an herb that grows long and wild – like my Mint.  It has started bumping me in the head while I wash dishes.


2.  DON’T choose an herb that you will use for almost every meal!  Save those to grow in large groups in an outside herb garden.  We have used so much of our basil that it looks almost gone, and pitiful.


3.  DO choose plants that grow slowly and are used less frequently in your family’s meals. It seems like the Oregano (on top) was a perfect choice for us. 


4.  DO hang your window herb garden low enough so you don’t have to beg your husband to water it for you. :0)  I use my faucet sprayer that pulls out to water them.  The clear mason jars make it perfect for me to see if the soil is moist enough.

5.  Also, DO invest in a good pair of herb cutting scissors like the ones below (I am hoping for some for my birthday ;0).

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