Thursday, June 7, 2012

Burgers & Fries ~ the Perfect Summer Meal

There is nothing better than grilling out on a cool summer evening.  I will admit that it isn’t the healthiest of all our choices, but it sure was a nice treat!

Joe loves to make burgers on the grill and I will admit that he makes a dang good burger.  Part of his secret is to mix one packet of dry ranch dressing mix into his burger meat before grilling.



He also claims that a burger is not worth anything if it doesn’t cover the entire bun!  He pats his patties down thin and cooks them to perfection on the grill. (Making sure to spray the grill with Pam before putting those patties on).



The management (aka the pups) are so funny when it comes to grilling time.  Willow watches every move Joe makes to ensure that nothing is missed, and Harley is so scared of the grill that she stays all the way out in the  middle of the yard until Joe is done cooking (what a weirdo).


Even a nasty storm on the horizon can’t keep the grill-master from making those perfect burgers.


The final detail to make those burgers just perfect is a toasted, buttered bun.  Yummy!


So what was I doing while Joe was grilling?  I was working on the string fries!  I use my mandolin to cut about 4 medium potatoes into strings.  I use the super small cut because I love that texture.


I got about 4 cups of oil really hot (I mean REALLY hot) and dumped my taters in.  I stirred them every minute or so to separate the potatoes and flip them to ensure even cooking.   


When the potatoes looked crispy and brown I scooped them out onto a paper towel to drain and sprinkled them with a little seasoned salt. They make the perfect side dish to our burgers.


I also make potato chips the same way I do my string fries, I just cook them a little longer to make sure they are all very crispy.


I must say that there isn’t anything better on a summer evening than sitting on the front porch and enjoying a good grilled burger. :0)  I know the management approved of the meal. :0)

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