Monday, June 18, 2012

Cute Kitchen Calendar

I know you have heard it before, but Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  We were in desperate need of a calendar as the summer events came rolling in.  I had the perfect place to hang one.  The problem was I didn’t have a calendar to hang.  So, what’s the problem??  Just make one!

See this empty little space next to my “collect-all” counter space.  This is where life happens in our kitchen and it would be the best place to hang a little piece of organization.

I wanted something simple and cute to match the overall feel of our house, and more importantly, being on a 2 Teacher budget, I really didn’t want to spend a dime on this project.  So I went on a hunt around the house.

I found an old cork board, the plexi-glass from an old picture frame, some white linen fabric, and some twine.  I could see my vision coming into place.  I gathered a few more supplies and got to work.

I started by carefully gluing down my fabric to the cork board.  It didn’t have to be perfect since I knew I would cover it with twine.

Once I had the fabric glued down, I used my rotary cutter to cut off the extra length around the edges.

Next I started in one corner and glued down the twine around the inside edge of the frame of the board.  I continued to follow around the frame of the board until I had covered it completely.

  I just love this Natural Jute and I use it on a lot of projects.  It has such a natural look and adds a lot of texture to any project.

I used my rulers to measure out the perfect lines for my blank calendar and my “notes” section.  I basically tried to think of any parts that I wouldn’t want to have to re-draw every single month.  I drew these lines directly onto the fabric with a black Sharpie marker.
kc7 kc8

I had Joe drill me a hole in each corner of the plexi-glass so I could use push pins to hold it to the cork board over top of the blank calendar template.

I added a dry erase marker with a section of jute, and I wrote in my dates for the month.

The plexi-glass didn’t fill the whole space of the cork board, but I love the fact that there is still a little space at the bottom where I can tack on some reminders and invitations. I looks just perfect in that little empty spot and hopefully it will bring some organization to our lives (and less of the “You never told me that” conversations :)
kc12 kc13

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