Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sweetest Gift

My sweet mother-in-law had the cutest little table….Well….let’s be honest.  It wasn’t that cute to begin with.  It was a table she rescued from being thrown away and it was covered with different colors of paint and nicks and scratches.  My mother-in-law has such an amazing talent for seeing the beauty in things and how they could look with a little love.  She held onto the table for a while until she had the time to love on it and when we saw the transformation we were shocked!

(Sorry I don’t have any before pictures)


Joe and I both complimented on how beautiful this table was and that the transformation was incredible.  We mostly loved how she left the top and the front drawer the natural mahogany wood and painted the rest of the piece black.  I love the special detail of the little metal feet (which she also left without painting.).


I was surprised when she called and said she wanted Joe and I to have the table for our home.  Of course I loved the table, but she had worked so hard on it and it was so beautiful that we wanted her to keep it for her home.  I argued with her, Joe argued with her, and she wouldn’t let it go. :0)  She finally said, “If you don’t take it, I will drive it over to your house!”  So we gave in.  We will take special care of this special piece that has found it’s new home in our living room.

Thank you Mom!!!

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