Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dream Board for the Front Porch

One of the main requirements of our new home was that it have a front porch of some sort.  When we saw our current home it met all three of our main requirements:  big fenced in yard, shop for Joe, and a front porch!  I am such a lucky girl to actually have a really large front porch.  I even love how the front porch flooring is painted black and the railing is white against the red brick.  The two UGA rockers that my parents got us for a house warming gift just put a perfect little touch on the front porch for me.


Now that summer has arrived and our little family is spending a lot more time on the porch, I would love to do a small porch makeover.  I saw this simple porch on and it was just the motivation I needed to get started!


What are my goals for the front porch?  Here are my inspiration words:  Cozy, green, warm, inviting, color, classy, simple.

Here is an image of my dream board for the front porch.  Most of these things are simple garage sale finds and DIY projects, but the porch swing and the outdoor ceiling fan will take some huge convincing of the hubby!

front porch dream board

So of course this creates a couple of lists.  A purchase/find list and a To-Do list.

1.  outdoor ceiling fan
2.  small table
3.  porch swing
4.  Outdoor rug
5.  Old window or door with windows
6.  Fabric for outdoor pillows
7.  Relax sign
8. Cinderblocks and succulent plants

1.  Stencil outdoor rug in black
2.  Make outdoor pillows
3.  Create cinderblock planter with wooden top (stained black)
4.  Create color blocked planters
5.  Color block window/door
6. Hang swing and fan

So wish me luck on completing this dream porch before it is too cold to enjoy it :0)

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