Monday, June 4, 2012

Why I Blog

If you have been reading the blog for the past couple of days, you have read about our full month of blog posts and the time commitment I put into blogging.  So now I am here to answer the “Why?”.  I know it may seem crazy, and even after reading this post you still would probably choose to spend your time doing other things, but here is why I choose to blog just to clear it up.

(These reasons are in no particular order :0)

1.  Virtual Scrapbook – Surprisingly the time it takes me to blog is a lot less (and a lot cheaper) than it would be for me to scrapbook.  I used to scrapbook all the time!  I love the creative outlet it gave me and the special way it allowed me to display my pictures.  The thing is, I am a little OCD and scrapbooking takes me a lot of time and a lot of money to make each page look just like I see it in my head.  The other part about scrapbooking is that I can only share those pages with people when they come over to the house (which is rare for my family) and when I post on the blog I can share it with everyone immediately.

2.  Income Some Day – Trust me…I am not being unreal here.  People make money off their blogs and I would love to be one of those people someday.  I know that this would take a lot of time and a lot of work, but hopefully someday (way down the road) Joe and I will be able to bring in a little income from our blog.  YOU CAN HELP by clicking the “share on facebook” link on the right anytime you see a project or a recipe you like.  It would bring more people to our blog and would help us build our audience.

3.  Share with Family and Friends -  When I spoke of my virtual scrapbook, I spoke about sharing with family and friends.  This may change in the future if we begin to look at our blog more as a business, but for now I love sharing all the fun going on in our little family with our friends and family.  I have family and friends all over the place (Orlando, D.C., Connecticut, Arizona, etc.) and this is the fastest and simplest way to let all of them in on our everyday life.

4.  Sets Goals – By posting on this blog, it kind of forces Joe and I to set goals for projects we would like to accomplish around the house.  It helps us to organize and really think through all of our room designs and make-overs and helps us to lay it out there.

5.  Motivation to Reach Goals – Speaking of “laying it out there”, when we post to the blog it helps us stay motivated to actually reach those goals.  If we tell the world we are going to do something…we better do it. :0)
We really appreciate all of you that read our blog, especially those that come and check it out daily.  We love all of you and hope that we can keep our blog moving in the right direction.  We thank you so much for your support and love sharing with you
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