Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christmas Project – Front Door Wreath

A while ago I shared my summer To-Do list with you for completing my Christmas decorations.  Today I am so happy to share with you that I have completed the first task!!

I saw a wreath very similar to this in an Etsy store and I thought, “I can do that.” So I did. :0)

I bought the totally wrong wreath form to begin with, and I couldn’t get the burlap to stick to it, so I wrapped it in burlap strips to give something to grip the burlap “bubbles”.  Be prepared to go through a LOT of glue sticks and to have nice glue gun burns on your fingers (it majorly oozes through the burlap).

Christmas Project 1_1

I bought a roll of burlap for super cheap from the garden section of my local hardware store.  It had a ton of burlap on it and was the rough look and texture that I was going for on this project.  I used my rotary cutter to cut strips about 7 inches wide.  You have to have wide strips to achieve that “bubble” effect.

Christmas Project 1_2

There is basically no rhyme or reason to how I created the burlap “bubbles”.  I just gathered the burlap and glued it down where I thought it would look good.  It took a lot of burlap and about three layers of “bubbles”.  

 I mainly made my bubbles down the center, then worked my way on either side.  Just keep working around the wreath form until you are finished.  This was a huge wreath, and took a long time, but I love the final look of the oversized wreath on my front door.
Christmas Project 1_4

I added a ribbon on the back to hang the wreath on the door and secured it with a lot of layers of hot glue.


I added a large red silk flower that I got on clearance at the local craft store.  I cut off the stem and added a LOT of hot glue to secure it.  I held the wreath up and put the flower on the place where I felt the bubbles just weren’t up to par so it could hide my mistakes.

Finally I added some red ribbon (which I already had) and a monogram (that my mother-in-law had) for some finishing touches.  Love it!!!



I may hang some large bells down the middle of the wreath to fill in the big space in the middle and I plan on raising the height that it hangs a little higher but, but overall I am very pleased and….
I get to mark something off the list!!  1 project down…9 more to go!
1. Burlap Wreath for the Front Door
2. Tree Skirt
3. Burlap Stockings
4. White Button Ornaments and Brown Button Ornaments.
5. Two Pinecone Hangings
6. Six Wrag Wreaths for Hallway Doors
7. Two Burlap Pillows
8. Four Snowman Posts
9. Last Year's Tree Ornament
10. Kitchen Door Wreath

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