Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Started a Gallery Wall

I have been drooling over all the different gallery walls on the bloggisphere for a while now.  Just go to Google, or Pinterest, and type in “gallery wall” and you will see a million ideas!  I actually had a vision for mine.  I knew the place, I knew the look I wanted, and I knew the images I wanted as well.

Here is the space.  A huge blank wall going down the hallway to the bedrooms.  The day I moved in, I knew I wanted a gallery wall right there!


* You will have to forgive the not-so-great-pictures along the way…it is super hard to get pictures of a hallway wall. :0) *

I found the perfect quote about family in vinyl lettering (60% off – whoop whoop!) at the local craft store.   Of course Joe is the master of measurement and when it comes to things being “level and even” Joe’s OCD is more pronounced than mine.  I definitely wanted the vinyl to go on perfectly, so I called Joe in to complete the job.  Don’t worry, I still stood around the oversee the events. :0)

sgw2 sgw3 sgw4 sgw5 

After the vinyl letters were up, we hung some of the canvases that we already had made.  I do make these canvases to meet my needs and have the look that I desire (come back by tomorrow and I will show you how I make them).  I am still collecting pictures from my family and can’t wait to add them to our wall!  So far, I love the beginning of our gallery wall.


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