Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Happy Birthday to me….Happy Birthday to me….I have the best husband ever….Happy Birthday to me!  So I just received the BEST gift of all time for my 30th birthday!  My hubby knows me so well and knew exactly what I wanted and needed.  I got a mini bathroom makeover! 

Here is what you need to know about Joe and I.  When he gets stressed he works out, but when I get stressed I need a long hot bubble bath with a good book.  The problem was that this is where I was spending that time relaxing….


Can you say “BORING!”?  But really, we have spent so much time adding our little touches to the rest of the house, why on earth would we invest any time on a space that only Joe and I ever see??

Well my honey just couldn’t let me spend any more time in this horrible, bland, blank space.  When I came home from work, this is what I found…

bs2 bs3

If you could smell this right now…OMG!!  He had a bubble bath going and candles!  He hung some antique pieces that we have had sitting in the basement for a while, just waiting for a home.  There are even little baskets for my whatnots.


I am falling in absolute L-O-V-E with this hand-made bathtub shelf that the hubs made for me!  It is the best spot for my water and of course my relaxation bath wouldn’t be complete without a good read on the Kindle.


Even the ugly wooden statue that we picked up in the Bahamas on our honeymoon looks half-way decent in this room now.  (I have tried to get rid of that thing a million times – I don’t know what we were thinking when we bought it – but now Mr. Sentimental won’t let it go.)

I am the luckiest girl on the planet and have the sweetest hubs in the world!  This was the PERFECT birthday gift for me!  Now I am off to relax folks!  Bye!

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