Monday, June 11, 2012

Flashback Birthday Party

My sweet little cousin turned 9!  I can’t believe it!  She was a cute curly haired toddler in our wedding and now she is having a Skate Party for her birthday!


It was so crazy to walk into a skating ring since I haven’t been in one in about 15 years.  I must tell you that the carpet hasn’t changed, the skates haven't changed, the pizza hasn’t changed, and the smell hasn’t changed…not one bit!  I wasn’t really good at skating when it was cool, and I definitely felt out of my element when I put those skates back on.  Joe was more daring than I was and made his way around the ring a time or two, but all that mattered was that we had fun.


All in all, Vera had a great day and we had so much fun watching her and her friends make their way around the ring…like a million times…where do they find that energy??  It was fun to reminisce on the past and be grateful for the present. :0)


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