Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dresser Overhaul

Joe and I have been on the hunt for a tall dresser to re-do for our bedroom.  We have had a kitchen table chair with a box on it as our  t.v. stand for a few months now.  We could have just gone out and bought a dresser, but we were really itching to try our hand at some furniture make-overs (and save a dime or two).

We knew exactly what we were looking for but were having no luck getting our hands on something.  We went to the auction and were outbid, we tried Craig’s List and were always a little too late.  We finally got lucky when my sister-in-law found this little diddy at a yard sale for $20!!


It met all of our requirements for this overhauling project:  real wood, clean drawers, simple shape, no structural damage.  The lady she purchased it from said her father had hand built it for her daughter….what a steal! 

do4 Since this was in a teenage girl’s room (and had probably been there since she was a little baby) we did have lots of sticker goop and name engravings to deal with, plus there was that ugly flower stenciled on the front….oh yeah…and it was P-I-N-K!!



We started with Joe puttying up the scratches and I took off the handles (which were in great shape and matched the handles we already have on our current bedroom furniture – we were saving and reusing these bad boys and saving an extra buck!).


Next, Joe used his air sander to get the flat sides nice and smooth while I worked on hand sanding the rounded edges.


Finally, Joe busted out the paint gun and went to work.  As much as we like an antiqued and aged look, we needed this piece to match the look of the other furniture in our bedroom.  We went with the paint gun and a semi-gloss furniture paint for a smooth finish.




We put the knobs back on, put the drawers back in, and hauled up the millions of stairs from the shop to the bedroom.  I know it isn’t decorated all fancy and stuff, but it works perfectly in our space, serves our purpose, and gets us excited about trying another piece of furniture overhauling!  We are pretty proud of our first furniture project!




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