Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Warm Home = A Happy Wife

Since Nasty Sandy and the Nor’easter have blown through, the temps around here in Georgia have gotten down right chilly!  I can’t stand to be cold, so I was glad to have some firewood on hand to warm the home.

Oh yeah….and “Having a Fire”was on my bucket list too!  (perfect timing)


* Side note – I went ahead and marked “carved a pumpkin” off the list since it is the one bucket list item that we won’t get accomplished this year.  There was just so much going on in October that we had to prioritize….pumpkin carving had to go.

fire 1fire 2fire 3fire 4

I have the best Hubs….and he makes the BEST fires!  (the pics above and below were AFTER we turned off the gas starter….he rocks!)

fire 5

Of course as soon as the fire was rolling, I was sitting right in front of it sucking up all the heat (I learned that from my momma :0) !

I hope you are all enjoying some cozy warm fires with your family too and staying warm!!


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