Monday, October 15, 2012

Make-Over Your Lunch Box!

2Teachers don’t get to join the real world for lunch.  We have 30 minutes to eat, in the lunch room, and once you drop of your students, heat up your lunch, and take a quick potty break, you are down to 20 minutes to eat.  It is hard to find fast, healthy, different choices to add to the lunch box.  Not only this, but usually Wife Teacher chooses to sleep until the very last second in the morning and doesn’t have time to pack a lunch.  So this week I am going to share with you some of the different things we have tried to make-over our lunches, starting with a new lunch-box for the Hubs!

I have a little obsession with lunch boxes.  I have them in every shape, size, and color and plenty to share, but none that Hubs would feel comfortable carrying his lunch in (even though I think he would look great with a black and white gingham back with my initials monogrammed on the front – haha!)

lunch box

I found this pattern on Tumbling Blocks and figured with the right material it would be simple enough for Hubs to carry his lunch in.  I used painter’s drop cloth for the outside and recycled-all natural painters plastic drop cloth for the inside.  He has used it many times and I have even been able to wipe out the inside plastic when things spilled….I call this a Success!

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