Monday, October 1, 2012

Cheap Sweetness ~ I love you to Pieces!

I love my hubs more than anything!  He is always taking care of our house, and our family.  The other day I put together this little surprise and hid it in his lunch box so he would find it when he opened his lunch at work.

IMG_1524 copy

All I used was a small little (jalapeno jelly) jar. {I keep EVERY jar that ever comes through this house – no matter how big or small – you never know when you will use them!}  I filled it with Reece's  Pieces candies, glued a little piece of scrap fabric on the top, and used a sharpie to write a sweet little note.

IMG_1525 copy

Hubs loved it!  He said he was super surprised and loved thinking about me as he chowed down on his little treat…he didn’t even save any for me! :0)

Total Cost = $0.99 for the bag of pieces!

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