Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hubs Got a New Toy

This is a “toy” that Hubs and I have needed many many times, but just wouldn’t bite the bullet and buy one.  So finally we saved our pennies and cashed them in for one of own.  No more mooching off neighbors and family.


(I told you my hubs could do and lift anything I needed him too!)


So now that we have our new toy, what is the first most exciting super duper project that we are going to use it for?

Well, let me just tell ya’.  Do you see this sweet face peeking out of the fence?


Yes, there has been this broken fence piece here since we moved in and the pups think it is their personal peep hole.  They also want to dig a nice, cool, muddy, sleeping spot right in front of the peep hole.  It took Hubs about 2 minutes to measure, cut, tear down the old, and replace the new.


I love how you can see Harley up on the steps being sad about her peep hole getting covered up. Smile


Willow loved showing off her new fixed fence (or maybe she was just photo-bombing my attempt at a pic of the fixed fence and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you) and loved helping daddy check to see if there were anymore broken fence slats.



No more broken fence, no more mud hole, no more cute puppy faces peeking through the peep hole in the fence.  I am only sad to see one of those three things go. Smile

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