Monday, October 8, 2012

Progress on the Fall Bucket List

Yep – I have been busily working on marking things off my Fall Bucket List (which I shared with you here) and that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while…so sorry….please forgive me. :0)

progress on Fall Bucket ListFirst, you remember that we enjoyed a beautiful opening day at the Apple Farm with Joe’s sister and her sweet family…

apples 6apples2

Then, last weekend we enjoyed the amazing weather again when we went with dear friends to the North Georgia State Fair. (Hubs had a great time! :0)


Also, last weekend, we enjoyed a mini-hike at Elachee Park with the girls.  It was Harley’s first hike and Willow loved showing her the ropes.


And finally we spent this last weekend in the mountains enjoying White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Lattes and meeting my Bestie and her sweet family at the pumpkin farm!


With our “ugly”pumpkins, we are well on our way to knocking things right off the Bucket List.


PS – I know my baby brother will be so proud I got my Pumpkin Latte at his favorite Dunkin…and not at that other large coffee chain… but, don’t put it past me to get one from there before Fall is over!


  1. Wish I could spend some Fall time with you both - was down just for less than 24 hours with Drew at the Gainesville HS game against some random Athens HS - We won! Miss you! xoxxo, Amy and the gang

  2. You are on the ball girl!!! Im wanting to go somewhere in the mountains to take some pics of the monkey with the beautiful colors...not sure when they change there but I know its before they do here. Thanks again for going to the pumpkin farm with us!!!