Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Dog Silhouette Pillow Cover

I am on a roll with making pillow covers for the front porch.  I wanted to make a pillow cover that was a little more personal, so why not add one of my 2 dogs??

You first got a peek of my pillow on my front porch reveal, but I thought it was hidden too much and you weren’t able to really see Willow’s silhouette at all, so later on it found a new home in the living room with my other throw pillow (which I am much happier with).


I started to make my pillow by creating a silhouette of my Willow girl. (You can go to my silhouette tutorial to see how to complete this.)  I printed out the silhouette and taped the make-your-own-stencil material to it.  Then I used an Exacto knife to carefully cut out the silhouette.


Then I carefully stenciled Willow’s silhouette to the front piece of my pillow.  I quickly sewed the silhouette piece to back pieces (see my outdoor pillow post and my knock-off Horchow pillow post to see how to do this) and stuffed my pillow form into my pillow case. 


I love our little personal touch of a Willow Pillow in our living room. :0)

dsp5 dsp6

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