Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Outdoor Pillows

Comfort is always top priority for me.  I love my front porch swing and rockers, but I was really wanting to add some pillows for comfort and to soften the overall look.  I hope you noticed my patriotic pillows on my front porch makeover, because I was so proud of them. :0)

pillow covers

I am not lying when I say that you could whip out one of these pillow covers in less than an hour.  I will show you my steps, and I promise that I made one of these last night (including making my own stencil) in 30 minutes!

Step One – I created my own stencils because I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, and it was cheaper!  I bought this stencil material at Walmart for $3 and printed out my template on the computer.  Then I used an Exacto Knife to carefully cut out my stencil.

pillow covers 3

Step Two – Cut your fabric.  I purchased a painter’s canvas drop cloth from Home Depot to use as my fabric.  It works perfectly because it is durable, washable, and ….you guessed it…. cheap!  I happen to love the color and texture too!

My pillow measured 18 x 12 inches.  I cut my front fabric to 20 x 14 (to allow for the puffiness of the pillow and the seam allowance).  I cut two pieces for the backing (I used the hemmed side of the fabric to save time) to 14 x 13. This will allow for overlap and a pocket to make it easy to put the cover on the pillow.

pillow covers 4

Step Three – I stenciled my designs on the front fabric pieces and allowed it time to dry.

pillow covers 5 pillow covers 6

Step Four – Pin right sides together carefully and sew sides together with a 1/4 inch seam.

pillow covers 7 pillow covers 8

Step Five – Pull the pillow right side out and stuff it with a pillow form.  I purchased an outdoor pillow form for half off at Joanne’s last week.

pillow cover 9 pillow cover 10

I love them so much and love that they are so simple to make.  I can’t wait to make some to change out for August!

pillow covers 1 pillow covers 2

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