Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Window Pane is Up!

Thank you all so much for voting on how I should complete my Window Pane that I purchased at the Braselton Antique Fair a few weeks ago (read about the vote here and the planning here).

So I finally got my pictures printed and got down to business.  I gathered some cleaning supplies and worked on getting SOME of the overspray and grime off of the individual panes.  I didn’t want the glass to be perfectly clean because I felt that it would loose the character, but I did want to be able to see my pictures through the glass.


I used a combination of glass cleaner, Goo Gone, and a razor blade to get the grime off the panes.


You can see the difference between the clean and untouched panes below. wp3

I chose to use these glue dots to hold my pictures to the glass because they are practically invisible and they would allow me to remove and change the images in the future if I choose to do so.


I laid out my images until I was happy with the look and then used the glue dots and some tweezers (the glue dots are tricky to handle) to secure the images to the individual panes.


Finally Joe and I worked on getting the vinyl lettering (which we cut out on the Cricut) situated just so.  Sorry there are no pictures, it took both of us using all our concentration to get it just right…no time to stop for pics!


Joe carefully attached some hooks to the back and hung it in the perfect little spot in our foyer.  I am sooo happy with it!