Friday, July 13, 2012

Painted Outdoor Rug

We shared our front porch make-over with you last week.  I will say that the whole idea of a front porch make-over was inspired by this blog post on one of my favorite blogs, The Hunted Interior.  If you haven’t already, head on over and check out Kristin’s blog….you will be trapped for hours looking at their amazing projects!


I read through Kristin’s tutorial on The Hunted Interior and was inspired to create our own stenciled outdoor rug for our front porch.  I made a few changes from Kristin’s How-To just to make life easier on me, and I didn’t come out with quite the crispness of lines, but I am still pleased with the end result.  It makes the front porch seem like an outdoor room where you want to hang out, instead of a place you pass on your way inside.

First we gathered our supplies:  a $10 roll of boat carpeting from Home Depot, some tough and durable spray paint, a wall and floor stencil from Hobby Lobby, and a few miscellaneous supplies to round out the project.

por1 por2 por8

Next we measured, marked, and cut our carpet down to size to fit our narrow porch.  Oh and we got the “children” out of the way by sending them off with the neighborhood kids for a walk.


PS – this picture of Joe is not photo-shopped…it was really that beautiful outside! por4 por5I taped off a perimeter with painter’s tape because I didn’t want the stencil to go to the edge of the carpeting.  Finally I just matched up the stencil and went to town.  It took some time, and was a labor of love, but I love the final look of the rug under those red UGA rockers!

por6 por7

front porch make-over 1

front porch make-over 8

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