Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color Blocked Planters

Color blocked planters are all over blog land these days.  I am sure you noticed my color blocked planters on my front porch reveal (with nearly dead plants in it).  When I was thinking about how to add some greenery to my front porch, this red/black combo kept coming to mind.  The only cost involved in this project was purchasing the plants. :0)  I love a free project!

This is a super simple way to spruce up a porch or garden area.  I rescued some old terra cotta pots that were on their way to the landfill.  While Joe was painting our dresser for our dresser overhaul, he went ahead and gave these pots a good coat of black paint.

color blocked planters 1

I came behind him and taped off where I wanted the red paint to stop.  Then I used a can of red spray paint and went to town.  I only color blocked the bottom planter because I knew you wouldn’t be able to see the top planter once it was all put together.

color blocked planters 2

color blocked planters 3

Once the paint was dry I filled the larger pot about 3/4 of the way full with dirt and placed the smaller pot inside to make sure I liked the level.

color blocked planters 4

I took the small pot back out and planted my cat-nip (which is not handling the heat well, but I promise looks better in this pic than it did when I first planted it).  Put the small pot back in and planted the monkey grass on top to give color and height.  We really wanted lemon grass for the top planter because it deters mosquitoes, but we couldn’t find it that day and just went with the monkey grass for now.

color blocked planters 8

Enzo doesn’t really seem to care that the cat-nip isn’t fairing too well.  For those of you that know Enzo, you know he is an indoor cat only.  We do allow him to join us out on the front porch occasionally and I wanted a little treat out there for him.  He loves it!

color blocked planters 5 color blocked planters 7

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