Thursday, July 12, 2012

Super Sized Summer Dog Treats

The pups have been spending a lot of time in the heat lately and I am always looking for special treats to cool them off, and even better, occupy them.  For this super sized treat I took a two liter bottle and cut off the top.  I put a variety of chopped fruit (berries, apples, and banana) in the container and filled it about half way with water.  Once it was fairly solid I added more fruit and filled it to almost full and froze it.  Finally I added a special treat on top, topped off the container with water, and froze overnight until solid.  I ran the container under hot water to loosen the treat and then tossed the treat out on the deck for the fur-babies to enjoy! (Be aware – it gets messy!)

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Willow, being the retriever that she is, had to carry it around for a while before sitting down to enjoy it. :0)  I just love my chocolate horse!!


So take the time and make a super sized dog treat for your babies.  I promise it will keep them occupied for a long time, and your dogs will thank you!

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