Monday, July 16, 2012

Mocking Bird Attack

This little beauty is a mocking bird…Isn’t he handsome?!

Guess what else he is?  I big ‘ole fat meany-head!!  AND he thinks he owns the whole cul-de-sac, he is loud, he is obnoxious, he is hateful, he is NOT my friend!

Upon further research I have learned that male mocking birds are very territorial and also constantly “sing” (I would call it “screech”) during mating season.  Often this territoriality takes on the form of early morning singing sessions or diving attacks on other animals or people!

So here is why I am not a fan of our lone ranger mocking bird…Meet Belle, the neighbor cat…
btnc7  Isn’t she just beautiful?!  And she is super sweet!  She loves coming up and snuggling while Joe and I sit out on the porch.  I just adore her and think that she is about as precious as they come, but this is typically what I see as she crosses the cul-de-sac to our house (she lives across the street)…

Poor Belle!  She tries to keep her cool, but that mean ‘ole mocking bird chases her all the way from her house to ours, dive-bombing her the whole way!  She wasn’t even bothering him!!  Well at least maybe Enzo will be sweet and be Belle’s friend…

Ummm….think again!



  1. We have those at our house too - they "attack" our little Harley when he goes out potty. Not cool, not cool... I heard that they eat their weight in bugs every day though (didn't look that up), if so I guess it all comes out in the wash... :)

    1. Well if they would eat wasps I would like him....but I think he is too busy attacking Belle to eat anything. :)