Thursday, August 16, 2012

A *little* Pantry OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Joe and I both suffer from this crazy disorder….well we aren’t medically diagnosed…but I am here to tell you that we have issues. :0)

We are kind of organizational freaks and if we had all the money in the world we would probably spend it on baskets, boxes, and labels!  (Really….it’s no lie)  So even though we are really the only ones that will see the inside of the pantry on a regular basis, it absolutely must be organized!

organization 5

I ordered my baskets online to ensure that they were all the exact same size, shape, and color (see, I told you I had issues).  I love the rustic look of the sea grass baskets and think they make the best finishing touch to the pantry.

organization 2

I went to Walmart and found the perfect plastic storage containers for cereals and pastas.  They are actually super nice, heavy duty, and were cheap! 

organization 1

We usually have a lot of pasta on hand because you can use it for anything!  I put the pasta containers on a lazy-susan to maximize space.  Now you just spin it and grab the pasta of your choice!

Did you notice the labels on the baskets?  I made those out of an aluminum (soda) can.  Oh yes I did!  Let me show you…

First I cut the top off of the can…

labels 1

Next I cut down one side of the can…

 labels 2

Then I cut the bottom off the can to leave a rectangle.  Rinse and dry.

 labels 3

Then I used a punch that I picked up at the local craft store in my desired shape to punch out all my labels.  If you do this, be very careful because the edges of the can are sharp!  This is actually really good for your punch because punching through the aluminum sharpens your punch blade.

labels 4

I use my good ‘ole Sharpie Marker to make a border and write my labels.

 labels 5

Finally, I put some hot glue on the back and attached them to my baskets….much LOVE!  So simple, so pretty, so FREE!


Come back on Monday to see how we treated the door for the pantry!  And next Thursday I will show you how we added a super special technique to the pantry door glass!  We are getting closer and closer to the big reveal!

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