Saturday, August 18, 2012

For the Love of Pinterest ~ Greek Yogurt Cake

Today I am actually going to share a simple recipe that has been floating around Pinterest.  It is so easy and cuts the calories of a cake/cupcakes down a ton!  I am so glad I pinned this one!

Here is the original link from my pin on Pinterest:

You must check out the link above because it actually has a lot a variations for low fat, one ingredient, simple cakes!  For example:  add canned pumpkin to spice cake, or applesauce to vanilla cake.


I had read the post and wanted to try the Greek yogurt, but I know Joe doesn’t do chocolate.  I picked up a box of spice cake mix for less than a $1 on sale and a container of plain Greek Yogurt.  I added one cup of water, mixed it all together, and cooked it as directed on the package. 


I did frost the cake with a whipped frosting, but I think it would have been just as divine as muffins with no frosting.

greek 3

I was surprised at how delicious and MOIST the cake was!!  Now I keep boxed cake mix and Greek Yogurt on hand for surprise company!!  You must give it a try!

Update:  We also tried this with devil’s food cake mix and Greek yogurt when we visited my mom.  She made cupcakes (with NO frosting) and they were to die for!!  They were all gone in 2 days!

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