Friday, August 10, 2012

A First Time Mini Reupholster

We have this really blank spot in the bedroom that we needed to fill.


We have been looking for a small chair and table to add to this space and we finally got gifted a free chair that was on it’s way to the dump.  It wasn’t very pretty, didn’t fit our decor, and was very unstable.  What on earth are we going to with this?  Well, we are going to try a little make-over!


The first step is to take this chair apart (at least the seat – so I can reupholster it).  Lucky for me, the seat just popped right out!  Yay!


Joe used a few screws, some wood glue, some scrap wood, and lots of love to give the chair a life again (and lots of strength so we could actually sit in it).

1chair3 1chair4 1chair5

Lookin’ good…stay tuned for the rest of the project!

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