Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Upcycled Chair

Last Friday and Sunday I talked about the work we have been putting into the dumpster-bound chair.  Today, you finally get to see the final product!!

First, let me show you how I reupholstered the seat cushion.  Lucky for me the seat popped right out and the current fabric, although not very pretty, was still in great shape. The padding was still good too, so I just put the new cover right over the existing one.  This made life so easy for me!

I started by washing, drying, and ironing my fabric.  I used a painter’s drop cloth from Home Depot because I love the color, texture, and price. :0)  Then I laid the fabric out and traced the corners of my chair with a pencil, just to make sure my design didn’t go outside my allotted space.

reh 1

I chose my design from the internet and printed it off.  I used the projector to project my design onto my fabric (which I had hung on the wall) and used the trusty ‘ole Sharpie to trace my design.


When I was done, I laid the design over the top of my seat to center the image. (PS – it says “The cost of love is only love” in French)


Once my image was centered I pinned it down to ensure that it wouldn’t move while I was securing the fabric to the underside of the seat.


Next I used my new toy, my electric staple gun, to secure all the edges of the fabric to the underside of the seat.

reh 5

Finally, I dropped the seat cushion back into the seat frame and fell in love with my new chair!

reh 6

I love, love, love this little chair in my bedroom and now I am on the hunt for a small table to compliment it.

before after

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  1. Love this chair! I think a small table beside it would look mah-ve-lous darling!