Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Frostiness

We are getting closer everyday to the big reveal of the pantry and I can’t wait to show you the finished product.  One part of my vision, that turned out to be much harder than it looked, was to frost the glass on the pantry door.  Let’s be honest, all that organization that I worked on for the inside with my baskets and labels is probably not going to ALWAYS look that good, so I needed something to hide the inside of the pantry for those times when it doesn’t need to be seen.

We picked up a few supplies from Lowes, and thought it should be easy enough…I mean, even the box said “Easy as 1,2,3”….I should have known better!

frosted 1

frosted 2

I cleaned the glass very carefully with the provided cleaner and even scraped off any slight evidence of paint with a razor blade…and added a few blisters to my fingers in the process.

frosted 3

frosted 4

While I cleaned the glass, Hubs cut the “frosting” to the exact size of the window.

frosted 5

Then we just popped it on there and it was perfect and beautiful and all done….yeah right!

frosted 6

Well, I am not going to include pictures of the air bubbles, the removal of piece after piece, the re-cutting, the re-applying, the crying, the yelling, the pouting, the half-done door that was about to stay that way.  We finally figured out a few tricks, like cut the piece a slight bit smaller than the glass (even though the directions say bigger), completely soak the piece of frosting in the provided liquid before applying to the glass, and if there is a tiny bubble in the sheet around the edge just let it go!

In the end I am THRILLED with the final look!  Come back on Sunday and Tuesday to see some tiny little touches we added to the door that made a huge difference.  Then finally, come back next Friday to see the whole look all put together!

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