Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Two-Dog Paw-ty!


I can’t believe that my sweet little brown puppy is now a big chocolate horse!  Willow is our full-of-life perfect chocolate lab and we love her more and more each day. My baby turned 2 today!  TWO – I can’t believe it!! I really don’t know what I would do without her unconditional love, her slobbery kisses, her goofy wiggle/walk, and her always-waging tail that knocks everything off the coffee table.    This image below is the first time we met our pup and the moment Willow stole my heart! (1 1/2 weeks old)

First Visit with Willow 9-23 Ten Days Old (2) 

And here is mommy’s big girl today!  Such a beauty!!


On the same token, our little baby is turning a year old (well we guess…).  Harley has been such a blessing to our family.  As we were contemplating getting another puppy to play with Willow, God put Harley right in our hands.  She was tossed out as a tiny puppy and a sweet co-worker rescued her and her brother (hence the guesstimate on her birth date).  I deleted the “please help – puppy’s need a home” e-mail multiple times, and then one day I just opened it and took at peek at the picture.  There was no turning back!  Joe and I both fell in love with all those speckles and spots.  The day we brought her home, she stole a piece of our hearts forever.  She is such a smart, sweet, and super-loving dog.  She keeps Willow on her toes and when she cuts her eyes at me I can’t help but laugh.  And from the picture below, you can tell that she stole her daddy’s heart right away!


And here is the mischievous little Daddy’s girl today!  Love her!


So, even if you aren’t a pet lover (and I respect your opinion, but this blog is called 2Teachers2Dogs ;0) you can’t deny that Hubs and I love our babies!  Yes, they cause some stress sometimes with muddy paws, chewed up dog beds, and dog hair everywhere, but I wouldn’t trade their love for anything!

So, because we love them so much,  we threw the girls a birthday paw-ty!  They were such good sports!  I mean, come on….are they not the cutest!?!


I even made them their very own special doggy Pup-Cakes!!  I will share the recipe with you very soon!


Happy Birthday Willow and Harley!

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