Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fresh Fruit Cleaner

I have seen this tip multiple times on Pinterest and blogs so I can’t really tell you where I first saw, read, or heard it.  Just “Google it” or search for it on Pinterest and you will find plenty of “recipes” for the fruit cleaner…and claims for how much longer your berries will stay fresh.


I basically filled up my sink with cold water, and added a cup of white vinegar.  I kept my berries in the colander because I didn’t want them to get squished by the apples.  I let the fruit soak for 10 minutes then dried it off and stored it in the fridge.

My apples were freshly picked from the tree so I can’t really compliment on the suggestion that this mixture removes the waxy covering, but my water was filthy when I removed the fruit, so it must have been cleaning something. :0) 

I will come back and update you on if my berries stay fresh longer or not….

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